How Globalization Has Impacted Women In The Developing Countries

//How Globalization Has Impacted Women In The Developing Countries

How Globalization Has Impacted Women In The Developing Countries

Globalization is the intensification of integration in number of aspects across the world. The world now has become global village because of globalization. The aspects which include globalization and through which it manifests itself are multifarious such as economic, social, cultural and political.

It’s brings various prospects of innovation by increasing competition and providing a variety of opportunities. It helps the people and the nations to connect through the world and fill the gap in which they are lacking. However one important aspect that’s often neglected is the sex aspect. It’s extremely important to realize that how it affects women, who tend to be the neglected section from the patriarchal system.

Following are the positive outcomes of globalization that have helped women in the developing nations to uplift themselves and to create their economic situation better.

Increased chances: it opens up the world market. After the process of globalization starts, various foreign firms get the permission to enter the national market of a nation. It increases the paths of employment. Additionally, it increases the degree of competition among the market participants also boosts the economic activity and finally the chances are increased for both women and men. It helps girls in a manner that in normal conditions, the girls in the developing nations are outside casted with their male counterparts in their battle to exploit an opportunity.

Boost labor involvement: Women constitute nearly half people on the planet Earth. However there are lots of reasons that hinder their economic involvement. The globalization intends to redesign the present contextual settings and aims to deliver flexibility in the current market practices. The greater competition compels the companies to find the most benefit by adapting both men and females with no preferential treatment.

Greater access to markets: Globalization makes it much easier for the people to get into the world markets. So they could utilize their potential in these regions which appreciate them. It removes obstacles, not just concerning employment opportunities but also concerning availability to the basic amenities of life at reasonable prices.

Greater entrepreneurship: it enables the girls to take part in the ventures at domestic and global level also. The intensity and the level of expectations increased when women working in the domestic sectors rather working from the patriarchal environment at home nation, try to channelise their ability and entrepreneurial skills in a global level.

Improvement in the standard of living: the result of profiting from globalization is the improvement in the standard of living. All of this factors if are exploited by the women result in creating the women economically independent that is a necessity to counter the patriarchal atmosphere.

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