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Womennet Directory:

Listings in the Directory of Canadian Women's Resources are free. To be listed, or to make a change in your listing, e-mail info@womennet.ca. We would like to invite you to send us a short description of the services your group offers to add to your free listing.

Groups are organized by topic within each province and territory (Centres/Groups, Women in the Law, Women's Shelters, for example). To suggest a group for listing, click o­n Suggest Resources or e-mail info@womennet.ca.

Les groupes sont organisés par sujet dans chaque province et territoire (par exemple, Centres et groupes, Femmes et droit, Maisons d’hébergement). Pour suggérer l’inscription d’un groupe, cliquez sur le bouton Suggérer des ressources (Suggest Resources) ou adressez un courriel à info@womennet.ca.

Please note that we will be publishing a print version of the Directory of Canadian Women’s Resources in late spring. We are now accepting pre-publication orders ($44.95, including postage and handling); you can reserve your copy now by e-mailing info@womennet.ca, and we will send you the Directory hot off the press with an invoice.

Veuillez noter que nous acceptons dès maintenant les commandes anticipées pour l’Annuaire des ressources pour femmes du Canada au prix officiel de 44,95 $. Vous pouvez réserver votre exemplaire immédiatement en nous nous adressant un courriel à info@womennet.ca. Nous vous posterons l’Annuaire avec une facture dès sa parution.

We also offer website design packages to groups listed o­n womennet. We've arranged a special Womennet discount with our partner, Progressive Internetworks. To receive the discount, contact Womennet directly, and we'll help your organization get o­nline quickly and inexpensively.

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·  BC Supreme Court overrules BC Human Rights Tribunal Women-Only Rape Crisis Centre and Transition House Did Not Discriminate Against Male-To-Female Transexual

·  Woman Abuse and Welfare in a Rural Community: Rural Women Speak About Their Experiences of Ontario Works Report Now Available

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·  Le gouvernement retarde l’égalité : il est temps que le Premier ministre prenne charge et appuie la législation pour le mariage égal

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·  Researchers Call on Manitoba Government to Address Women's Specific Housing Needs

·  UN Commission on Human Rights to Discuss LGBT Rights in Geneva in March 2004

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·  Call for Action on Bill C-250

·  Wasylycia-Leis Introduces Bill Calling for Breast Implant Registry

·  The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada Reacts to Federal Budget: Baby Steps Won’t Take Us Far

·  New Government Report on Prescription Drugs Calls for Immediate Ban on Drug Advertisements, More Transparency for Drug Trials - National Women's Health Organization Praises Report Findings, Demands Government Action

·  Employment Counselling, Corner Brook, NF, Every Wednesday

·  L'Université féministe d'été, Québec (Québec), le 6-12 juin 2004

·  Women, Ecology and Globalization, Toronto, ON, May 12, 2004

·  Book Launch by Annabel Lyon & Laisha Rosnau, Vancouver, BC, April 7, 2004

·  Call for Submissions for Sugar & Splice: A Feminist Film Festival, Winnipeg, MB, May 28-30, 2004

·  Nova Scotia Voice of Women for Peace Meeting, Halifax, NS, April 8, 2004

·  Toronto Women's Call to Action, Toronto, ON, April 13, 2004

·  RALLY to support the BCCWC 5 and to protest Campbell Liberal cuts to women's centres funding, Victoria, BC, April 15, 2004