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The indicators of social empowerment of women incorporate the foundation of gender inequality, sex ratios, life expectancy rates and fertility rates that shows the overall status of women concerning literacy, economic growth, accessibility of health care and birth control centers, educational status of girls, age at marriage, literacy rates and involvement of women outside the house.

Gender inequality is a global phenomenon and leaving some Nordic countries, gender inequality base reflects quite poorly for almost all significant countries in the world. Gender ratio is against women in Asia and even though life expectancy has gone up around the world including in Asia it hasn’t improved the overall status of women in much of the world.

Same is true with fertility rates that have declined in some areas including Asia but the positive effect of the change on women around the world isn’t as much as that was wanted. Glaring gender gap exists concerning literacy rates though it’s narrowing across Asia.

Ending Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a true fact and we will need to acknowledge the actual tragedy behind this crime. It totally shatters the women from the heart emotionally as well as physically. It’s time that community development and feminist values are made an integral feature of empowerment of women.

Women will need to be educated and made aware of their rights and they need to be invited to stand united against the biased and discriminating social environment which directly and indirectly affects their physical and psychological self. Education and awareness would be a large step to the struggle against gender-based violence. Only through education and awareness we can associate with the huge majority of women living in many areas of the world and stop them from falling prey to the several kinds of potential violence in their lifetime.

We must accept the fact that women are constantly under the threat of violence from several sides. The oppressive structures of this society have to be changed and oppression of women will need to be stopped but it will not happen through some quick fix solutions. The shift could be only possible through social empowerment of women at the grass root level with awareness and education.