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Welcome to womennet.ca!

Womennet.ca, the Canadian Women's Virtual Information Centre, helps women respond to challenges and improve their quality of life. Whether they are working outside the home or parenting, o­n their own or with a spouse, young, middle-aged or older, women face challenges. Womennet.ca is the site to turn to for information and resources to help women take charge of their lives.

Womennet.ca, le Centre canadien d’information des femmes, aide les femmes à relever des défis et à améliorer leur qualité de vie. Qu’elles travaillent à l’extérieur du foyer ou qu’elles y élèvent des enfants, seules ou conjointement, les femmes jeunes, d’âge moyen ou aînées font face à des défis. Womennet.ca est le site où chercher des renseignements et des ressources pour aider les femmes à prendre leur vie en charge.

womennet.ca is a feminist web site that provides the following features / womennet.ca est un site Web féministe offrant les ressources suivantes :

  • The Directory of Canadian Women’s Resources, a searchable database of over 4,000 women’s groups in Canada / l’Annuaire des ressources pour femmes du Canada, une base de données consultable qui regroupe plus de 4 000 groupes de femmes au Canada
  • a Links Section, which contains thousands of annotated links to international and Canadian women’s sites / une section Liens, qui regroupe des centaines d’hyperliens annotés vers des sites internationaux et canadiens de femmes
  • News and Resources, including Bulletin Boards / une section Nouvelles et ressources, y compris des babillards d’information
  Check out the Latest womennet News!
Take out a classified ad! Find out how to become a member of womennet.ca! Become a volunteer writer, or send us info on your group's activities. And much more![more]
  Can Your Group Be Listed on womennet.ca?
We are receiving lots of e-mail from organizations wanting to be listed in womennet.ca's Directory of Canadian Women's Resources. However, not every group will be listed. Check here for criteria.[more]
  Local Action/Global Change: Learning About the Human Rights of Women and Girls
Local Action/Global Change: Learning About the Human Rights of Women and Girls is the first comprehensive training manual that includes the whole spectrum of women's human rights in an "interactive" format. It addresses many audiences: advocates for women's human rights, students, educators, and all women across the world.[more]
  British Columbia Women's Centres Funding Ends March 31, 2004
The BC Coalition of Women's Centres has written to Minister Ida Chong for emergency funding to prevent the closure of women's centres across the province. All 37 Centres have had their only core funding cut by 100% effective March 31st, 2004.[more]
  Canada's Promises to Keep: The Charter and Violence Against Women Report
This is a report by Canada's feminist frontline anti-violence workers. From a five year research project (1998-2003) that involves eleven rape crisis and sexual assault centres across Canada, Canada's Promises to Keep analyses how the Canadian justice system prevents convictions in cases of male violence against women.[more]
  Canada's Day of Action for Choice
Join the Pro-Choice Action Network and the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada in the Pro-Choice Canada Coalition.[more]
  Pursuing a Healthy Lifestyle Is Never too Late
I’ve been battling with hypertension for a couple of years now and my experience wasn’t easy. I suffered from a mild stroke but the experience was a turning point for me to change my lifestyle. I guess my food choices when I was younger finally took a toll on my health. My family’s history of stroke and heart disease also played a huge role. Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the significant risk factors for heart disease with estimated 15% of all deaths worldwide every year.[more]
  Five Facts About Toronto Chinatown You Probably Didn’t Know
Located at the banks of the Ontario Lake, Toronto is a magnificent city. Canada’s largest municipality by population was founded back in 1793, originally being a little village of the name York. Officially, the name Toronto was given to it in 1834. In fact, there is hardly any local person who pronounces the name in the way it is written and non-Canadians pronounce it. Some of the people born and living here pronounce it in a way that sounds more like “Toronto”.[more]

·  Woman Abuse and Welfare in a Rural Community: Rural Women Speak About Their Experiences of Ontario Works Report Now Available

·  The Latest from Young Women Vote 2004: The 20,000 Project

·  Focus on Efforts to Eradicate Female Genital Mutilation in Africa by 2010

·  Network on Women's Social and Economic Rights in Canada

·  Nova Scotia Family Violence Programs, Women's Centres Need Answers

·  Researchers Call on Manitoba Government to Address Women's Specific Housing Needs

·  Women Bear Burden of Home Care

·  Wasylycia-Leis Introduces Bill Calling for Breast Implant Registry

·  The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada Reacts to Federal Budget: Baby Steps Won’t Take Us Far

·  New Government Report on Prescription Drugs Calls for Immediate Ban on Drug Advertisements, More Transparency for Drug Trials - National Women's Health Organization Praises Report Findings, Demands Government Action

·  Income and Poverty Gaps between Women and Men Persist Despite "Prudent" Budgets of Past and Present

·  Employment Counselling, Corner Brook, NF, Every Wednesday

·  Reading by bell hooks, Toronto, ON, May 15, 2004

·  L'Université féministe d'été, Québec (Québec), le 6-12 juin 2004

·  Women, Ecology and Globalization, Toronto, ON, May 12, 2004

·  Call for Submissions for Sugar & Splice: A Feminist Film Festival, Winnipeg, MB, May 28-30, 2004

·  RALLY to support the BCCWC 5 and to protest Campbell Liberal cuts to women's centres funding, Victoria, BC, April 15, 2004

·  Women, Human Rights and Peacebuilding in an Era of Globalization, Toronto, ON, May 3-June 15. 2004

·  The Impact of Society's Standards of Thinness on the Well-Being ofYoung Women, Toronto, ON, April 23, 2004